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Reviews Rock of Ages 2012

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The film like Hairspray opens with the lead actress making her entrance via a vehicle, a bus this time instead of a dustbin van. This scene reminded me of a recent episode of 30 Rock where an innocence arrived in the big city singing her introduction but instead of wanting to be a singer she was going to be a prostitute.

This film is set around the ins and outs of a Los Angeles club owned by Alec Baldwin and co-managed by his very loyal and loving assistant Russell Brand (he sports a brum accent that wavers throughout) character and the basic plot revolves around Stacee Jax final appearance with his band Arsenal and Catherine Zeta Jones crusade to close the club.

The plot is not the strongest aspect of the film and some of the songs are crudely mashed together. The cast keep the story moving along and even survives a badly shot/edited musical number sung and danced by Z. Jones. Bryan Cranston steals her thunder playing her constantly horny, spank loving husband.

The two leads carry their performances in their on/off/on relationship very well, but are easily overshadowed by Tom Cruise and Malin Akerman
Tom Cruise proves yet again when he doesn't dominate a movie, he is capable of giving an exceptional performance.
The film overall though is a serious of double acts in scenes rather than a great assemble project. If it isn't Diego Boneta with Julianne Hough, its Diego with Paul Giamatti, if it isn't Giamatti with Tom Cruise, its Cruise with Akerman or Hey Man, its Hough with Blige, Baldwin with Brand etc. Blige is the only outside character. Characters get together by the films end and learn vital lessons about love and life.
There are a couple of contenders for the MTV Film Award for best screen kiss, I would not be surprised to see Alec Baldwin getting nominated with his on screen kiss.
If anybody has seen the episode of Glee that features a certain Journey song, it is not hard to see where the idea sprang from.
I recommend everybody gives this film a go its never boring and its funny 


Reviews Rock of Ages 2012
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