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Top 5 Android homescreen by widget top

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1.magic locker
Colorful. Simple. Customizable.Magic Locker is most colorful and simple lock screen app for Android!

The Magic Locker Main App just includes one theme - 'Lost Robot', as the default theme, you can search more themes in Google Market. For more details please refer to below Q&A section.
Support customise wallpaper.
Support customise date format
Block Home Key
Support to enable/disable volume rocker wake up screen
Support to send Email, mak phone call, open URL ect. directly on lockscreen.

About permissions: Please notice that Magic Locker requires a number of permissions, the purpose is to launch other Apps from the lockscreen, while we definitely won't read the contents in users' phone. For example, we declared SMS read permission in order to launch the SMS App, while we will not read any content of the SMS. Tags:Android locker,lock screen ,lockscreen, widget locker, theme,themable,keyguard,widget locker , magic, 安卓 锁屏,锁匠,widget locker
Download Here
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2.desktop visualizer 
Desktop VisualizeR makes shortcuts or widgets for your home screen.
Desktop VisualizeR(DVR) makes shortcuts or widgets with the image specified or the icon of another application for the Home screen.
Don't know the exact size for widget images? Purchase DVRImageCrop or DVRImageSlicer. Some of widgets in screen shots are created by these add-ons. Please try.
Usage:From Home screen press menu->add->Widgets or Shortcuts->Desktop VisualizeR
* The crash log will be sent to us using our web server through the internet.
** Important changes in 1.2.7
* We have removed CALL_PHONE permission. So, DVR can not make direct phone call with tapping widgets or encoded shortcuts anymore. But DVR will always launch dialer instead. If you want to make direct phone call, please install DVRDirectCall.
** Changes in 1.2.3
* From this version, we decided to embed ads(Added permission for ads). To hide ads, please configure icon by our paid add-ons or icon packs. To confirm whether ads is hidden or not, please see "No Ads" status in the Settings menu.
* Now application list caching is included. You do not need DVRAppListCache anymore. If you do not need caching, please make OFF the "Cache application names" option in the Settings.
* Now lists all homes, including that seems to register create shortcut broadcast receiver dynamically, when creating shortcuts.
* Added widget size information dialog(menu > More > Widget info).
* Refactored for future enhancement.
* New widget icons.
* More widget sizes(3x4, 4x3). To enable these sizes, please change settings by "Widget Usage" in the Settings menu.
Download Here
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3.costum louncher icon
The largest icon pack for ADW, LauncherPro and GO Launcher available anywhere.With over 1,000 icons in 176 different styles/colors, you can break the monotony of traditional themes and icon packs. For the price of a latte, you can theme all your Android devices exactly how you want them for the rest of your life.
To address Matt's review on November 8th: His problem was due to insufficient space on his SD card. There was a server outage in early November that had no effect on the app at all. The Droidicon app works 100% of the time whether is up or not.
Visit me on Google+ to talk about Droidicon:
In the early days of LauncherPro, there were only a handful of dock icons included in that beautiful and unique LP style we have come to know and love. To find more icons in that style, you had to search the web and read through 50 page forum posts. Then you had to download them to your sd card and apply them from there. The same was true of dock backgrounds.
Then, in June 2010, I brought something new to the LauncherPro icon and dock game. I built where artists could upload their icons and docks, and people could easily find them and download them as well as make requests for new icons.
This still had the problem of downloading to the sd card first, then finding them and applying them. I fixed that problem by developing the Droidicon app.
This app bypasses all the mess of searching for icons on the web, and groups over 1,000 icons and 400 docks into one app. When you go to choose a new custom icon, you simply open Droidicon, and start typing the name of the app you are trying to find. The giant list of icons will be filtered down, and you can quickly choose the icon you need. You can also search through the docks.
I decided to take it one step further and add over 170 different styles of icons. Each icon is available in each style in a broad range of colors. You can switch styles at any time, and even build sleek home screens that use multiple icon styles for some really beautiful effects. With this addition, Droidicon transcended LauncherPro, and became valuable to users of ADW Launcher, GO Launcher and the rest of the home screen replacements.
Download Here:
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4. missedit
Get notified about almost any event! Get information about the number of missed calls, unread SMS, unread Gmail messages and notifications from virtually any application a glance with this simple yet very customizable widget. You can use it with any lockscreen replacement app to access all this information without need to unlock your phone.
Missed It! must be enabled as an Accessibility Service to be able to receive application notifications ('Settings » Accessibility » Accessibility services'). If enabled and application notifications not detected, try disabling and then re-enabling.
Starting from Gmail 2.3.5, Google doesn't allow 3rd party apps to access Gmail application data. This means that Missed It! is unable to obtain "directly" the number of unread emails on Gmail. You can yet monitor for new Gmail messages if you add it to Missed It! as any other regular application.
Download Here
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5. simi clock pro
I'd give it a 4.5 really because simi-folders on the "right" section is not lined up right. But I like the look this clock gives so much, I went for the full 5. I only purchased it because I wanted to support the guy. I never read the actual benefits... like adjustable circle battery widget. VERY nice.
Well worth paying for, would be even better if it used wireless for location instead of gps, and if it could show network signal as option,The widget hasnt been updating time correctly. It essentially freezes. Not sure what has changed. but I have tried a lot of similar homescreen widgets. This is the one that stuck. My wife and I both use it. Love the configurable launch points.
Donate version of SiMi Clock
If you appreciate the work I have put into SiMi Clock and would like to support further development, please purchase this app.
Avilable here
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Top 5 Android homescreen by widget top
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