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Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note Review

Posted by: Intan Nurianti
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Samsung's new GT-N7000 Galaxy Note is the handset those dreams are made of -- in the event you happen to share that dream about obnoxiously massive smartphones, that is. It is as narrow as a Galaxy S II, lightning fast and its five.3-inch HD Tremendous AMOLED display is as beautiful as it is enormous; the 1280 x 800 pixels you one time could only get with a full-size laptop computer (or in the Galaxy Tab ten.1) can now slide comfortably in to your front pocket. Its jumbo display makes it the ideal candidate for a notepad replacement and, with the included S Pen stylus, you'll have no issue jotting notes on the fly, marking up screenshots or signing documents electronically. But, is that giant display much of a lovely thing? You'll need to jump past the break to find out.
If you were holding out for a tool that bridges the gap between smartphone & tablet, you'll be wanting to take Note. It is an absolutely massive Android handset as well as a high-res pocketable tablet rolled in to. In the event you have the hands to support it, it may be the best thing to happen to mobile devices since the capacitive touchscreen. You can take notes, doodle between (or in the coursework of) meetings & make phone calls. Those calls can be placed using the built-in earpiece & mic, or by a Bluetooth headset, which they would recommend. Holding something this massive up to your ear can be disagreeable -- & ugly.
who know??


Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note Review
Posted by Intan Nurianti For : Infoduniaini , Updated at: Minggu, November 06, 2011
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Samsung Mobile Phones mengatakan...

The Galaxy Note is the first device to sport a 5.3 inch HD Super Amoled display. But i want to know about price of this mobile.

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