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Indians Independent Day's

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India, Second largest democratic country, largest youth power and so on. India and as an Indian we are stepping into the 66th year of independence(Completing 65 years in independence). I am proud to be an Indian, and everyone is so. Being proud alone will not make India proud in future.
I feel everyone is emotional when we sing or hear 'Jana gana mana.....jaya jaya jaya jaya he', in that instance we are ready to do anything  but only at that instance not after that (except a minuscule set of people who do something). We keep complaining about the country, the politicians, the government. Are we ready to get into politics? if so can we sustain without being corrupt?         We have a youth power with the population leveling USA's. India was a developing country when we got birth, atleast our should get birth in developed India. But how many are ready to work for that cause. In this world of competition, everyone is fighting for their own survival.I came to Bangalore for my training ,the place was developed in all ways,many MNC companies, huge floating population, multifaceted malls, multiplex theatres , multi floor flats , apartments.Despite all these, i saw a child begging for food and money, that is real India. May it be Mettupalayam or Saravanampatti or Chennai or Bangalore or for that case even Delhi we can see the real face of India. NR Narayana Murthy in one of his books 'A  BETTER INDIA, A BETTER WORLD ' says " a nation that does not achieve full literacy and does not foster excellence in higher education and research cannot overcome poverty and become world power". I personally also feel, we cannot feed any child or orphan or give the money daily. Its only education that can help them to make themselves better and country better place to live in.        
Education can help to overcome poverty and make the nation to become world power. The education we offer to our students in schools and colleges is it to make them live in this world better or just  enough to get marks ? This is the first million dollar questions we have to answer. Education is it to score marks or to prepare them to live in this world. In the same book Narayana Murthy says about the education in early India by thanking Nehru and Indira "India started out well in higher education, building number of world class institutions of higher learning in various fields; attracting a large number of well educated Indian faculty from advanced countries like USA, UK and the like and fostering an environment of interaction between researchers in India and abroad. Indira too follow the tradition pretty well till 1980 when few overzealous bureaucrats introduced unnecessary restrictions on the exchange of scholars between India and abroad. Successive governments tightened the grip". When i read this, a frequent heard phrases came to my mind " Better education will not come from rigidity, it comes from freedom in education" by SS Nair. This being the situation of education in India in early times, the current is the case of SAMACHEER KALAVI in Tamil Nadu as i know.        
Apart from getting the standard so-called world-class-education, whether everyone in India has a chance to get atleast some education.? If not are we trying to make so?        
India has a whole is a Talent Container in all field NR Narayana Murthy in corporate, Sachin,Viswanath Ananth, Saina, Sania, Abhinav Bindra, Paes in sports, AR Rahman, Gulzar, Resool, Kamal Haasan in arts,in recent times; Gandhi (Father of the Nation , the entire world has praised his concept of sathyagraha), Bharathiyar , Thiruvalluvar - great poet of all time, Everyone knows all these so i need not get into this. We need the pride of all those but repeated talk will not help. Getting into actions to solve and break the obstacles in our way to progress is what we need now. Youngsters can make this possible, but  how we are using our huge populated youngsters ? are all entitled to education?  The second million dollar questions. With these two questions for you to think.            
When education is possible for all Indians , and that education can make an individual to think independently. There comes the true INDEPENDENCE. Until we are educated or we educate our youth we are In Dependent on others. Education will be the only answer to control poverty, make an individual better citizen  and play a vital role in developing country.            
On this 65th Independence day, Lets take a oath that we would be a part in educating children of India in someway or other.Hoping to make APJ's dream into a reality.
Happy Independence Day !!!!   Jai Hind !!
Courtesy : SS Nair, NR Narayana Murthy.


Indians Independent Day's
Posted by Intan Nurianti For : Infoduniaini , Updated at: Jumat, November 25, 2011
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