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Download hero of sparta QVGA Mediafire link |HD game|

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The game can be completed in about 4-5 hours of play time in Easy mode. Once you complete "Easy" or "Normal" mode, you have the option to play in "Heroic" mode while keeping all your weapons. This nicely adds replay value by allowing you to earn more experience points to upgrade your weapons further and to master each one.
As an overall package, Hero of Sparta is one of the most impressive games for the iPhone. The level complexity, 3D rendering, and cinematics come together to deliver an incredible experience. For fans of the "Hack n' Slash" genre, this overall production value and the fun to be had is worth the $9.99 despite the somewhat shallow gameplay. However, for those who require more strategy in their games, there may not be enough cross-over appeal.

Game Details
Name: Hero of Sparta (v1.0.0) Price: $9.99 [Buy] But download here Free
Developer: Gameloft Size: 80.2 MB

Hero of Sparta is one of the most impressive 3D games on the iPhone with remarkable production value. For fans of the “Hack n’ Slash” genre, the overall production value and fun to be had is worth the $9.99, but others may be turned off by the somewhat shallow gameplay.
Instalasion intruction
1. extract data to sdcard:\gameloft\games\
2. instal apk
3. data traffic "disable"
4. replace file intro.mp4 to hos folder
5. if it dosn't run well then rename "intro.mp4" to "intro.mp" (orginal file in Data folder)
6. run the game, setting sound FX & music to the lower level
7. enjoy
if it want to download file "intro.mp4" then don't replace the orginal file. still confuse about instalasion please follow this link instalasion guide 
Download Link | APK | DATA | intro.mp4 |
Link Pasword : ajie1987
Ext : http://www.kaskus..us/showthread.php?t=8435714

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