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SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool CyberAndroid

Posted by: Intan Nurianti
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SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool CyberAndroid

Overview: Advanced grouping cleanup tool
Requirements: for every Android versions. THIS APP IS INTENTED FOR ROOTED DEVICES! Without root functionality is limited.

This is a powerful tool! Use at own risk!

Complete filemanager!
Limited fashion should impact on more non unmoving devices now.

Nobody is perfect and robot neither.
Apps you hit already deleted sometimes leave data behind.
The grouping constantly creates logs, break reports and debug files you don't really need.
The mart leaves temporary files of downloaded apps behind.
Lets not go on here...

Why not intend a missy to decent it every up? SD missy module support you keep your figure neat, decent and order for you :)!

Choose a tab, press check and then either click a single item to withdraw or press the decent every button. It's meet that easy.

The explorer is a flooded fledgeling filemanager, ingest it to crawl finished your androids files.

You crapper ingest the searcher to open/delete or rename files (wildcards are based as is intelligent exclusive files).

The remains finder searches your figure for dormant directories and compares those to the list of installed applications.

The grouping cleaner scans the devices famous directories with unnecessary files.

SD Maid is constantly being matured and is fashioned rattling carefully.

Due to the vast amount of robot devices it might not impact dead on everyones device, but i'm employed hornlike to intend it there.

What's in this version:
Made changes to the systemcleaner to turn RAM use
Added a new a new exclude to fix issues for Droid Bionic users
Changed whatever outputs in the dialogs



SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool CyberAndroid
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