Sabtu, September 03, 2011

My Group BBM :)

Posted by: Intan Nurianti
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I don't know what xD ahahahahaha
I have new my friends in BBM~ O.o

hihihihihihihihi~ I'm always laugh when I join in BBM xD
because, they are very attractive and good :)
but, I'm always dizzy with my friends who are on facebook =__="
hueeeeeeeee~!! I can crazy and frustrating to think of friends on facebook...........
Happpp Huffttttt~ !!! up to u~ if u say I'm cocky :P
I don't care!!~ u know >v<

Ehm~!! this afternoon, I went to Mall with my sister and my brother :)
ahahahahahaha!!!~ I bought a very cute earphones ^___^

White and Pink colours!!~ O.o Pink~ Pink colours~!!! Oh nooooooooo
I don't pink colours >V< !!~ but, I already bought it :(
hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!! Don't worry =____=" I'll try to receive a pink :D hehehe

Everyone!!~ I think up here before tell u my experience today :)
Thanks for u attention all^^

See u next time!!~ Good Bye :)


My Group BBM :)
Posted by Intan Nurianti For : Infoduniaini , Updated at: Sabtu, September 03, 2011
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