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MX Video Player Android Updated to v1.3, Download APK + Codecs is Available

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MX Video Player is one of best video player for android. This app supports many formats of videos. However, you must install the codes in order can play several video formats. Recently, this app got update to MX Video Player 1.3. You can download 

MX Video Player 1.3 Android App Features

MX Video Player 1.3 for android is so nice video player app that allows you to enjoy movies or videos on your android, both phone and tablet. Even, this app also supports for Honeycomb devices. It has many features which will make you so enjoy in viewing movies. Here are the main features of MX Video Player 1.3 android app.

  • Multi-core Decoding: According to test results on dual-core devices, MX Video Player shows up to 70% performance improvement over single-core decoding.

  • CPU Optimize: MX Video Player android app provides CODECs and Rendering Engines highly optimized for processors including ARM NEON and NVIDIA Tegra 2.

  • Multi-Touch Video Zoom: This feature allows you to zoom video using multi-touch easily.

  • Subtitle Scroll – When you scroll subtitle text, video playback position also will be changed to the text show-up position.

  • Clear Text – Increased subtitle text readability with ticker border and shadow.

  • Supports all android devices, version 2.1 and higher, even Honeycomb

Download MX Video Player 1.3 APK Android

So, if you are interested to download MX Video Player 1.3 android you can browse this app via android market. Meanwhile, if you download from the link below, you will get MX Video Player 1.3 apk + codec. We got this link from an android forum.

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