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Hollywood Is Nothing Like Big: Big B

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Baz Luhrmann The Great Gatsby is Big B incursion in the West, but it does not really look at it as a gateway to Hollywood.
Hollywood Is Nothing Like Big: Big B

The film will be directed by Luhrmann is in 3D. Amitabh Bachchan will act as proof of Meyer Wolfsheim, "an iconic character," the model of Arnold Rothstein -. "Persona very impressive and well-known underworld of New York Mafia", a
"Yes, the film is in 3D and can be the first for many reasons, mainly bec
ause it is the first time a mainstream Hollywood drama is 3D, unlike the fantasy films, like ...," Avatar usual, said Bachchan.

Big B has no plans to do more Hollywood movies.

"No other offers have my way of Hollywood before and after Baz was very anxious I do this, I went on. It's nothing serious, just a little air," he said.
Hollywood Is Nothing Like Big: Big B

"Previously, Mira Nair had met with Shantaram, dates completed and shared screenplay, etc., but then retired ... I do not think you should see this as a stage in Hollywood. It's just a friendly gesture," said Bachchan.

In fact, according to a source close to him, Big B to make a film that is free for Luhrmann a big fan of his, and Bollywood.

Reluctant to talk about the project, Big B said: "Contractual obligations prevent me from speaking with the media, which is why I have not found anything, if Warner Bros. gives something, it all I can be .. "
Hollywood Is Nothing Like Big: Big B
Bachchan does not reveal that he and Luhrmann sympathetic from the beginning. "Baz Luhrmann, the last year, was a private visit to India and stayed at my office to meet me and introduced me to some wonderful paintings by an artist was accompanied by. He was just a casual informal meeting," says Bachchan.

Then in August of this year Luhrmann called him, and I wondered if he would a role in The Great Gatsby.

"He (Luhrmann) asked me what I was doing a small role in his film? Is only a small scene with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire," said Bachchan.
Hollywood Is Nothing Like Big: Big B

"I agreed to do the same way as a friendly look and went to Sydney last month for tests and trials, makeup and costume. Workshop requires reading the entire cast to gather and learn with the script and make a play through, "Bachchan signs off.

Admission for the film begins in mid-October for a few days.


Hollywood Is Nothing Like Big: Big B
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