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Get Facebook Zynga poker (Texas Hold Em) Chip for Free

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Facebook Texas Hold'Em are most favourite game for some peoles facebook user. Here, in this page will inform you of various poker cheats on Facebook as they become available. A number of cheats come up for Facebook Zynga poker from time to time, and although these are periodically caught and blocked by Facebook, new ones are developed frequently.

Since cheats are developed frequently, the methods for gaining chips can vary. Sometimes, these cheats are simple methods to employ, while other times a hack can be used to add money to your poker account or make certain cards available more often. This page will provide links to current cheats and will provide information on the availability and consequences of using these cheats.

Aside from Facebook, Zynga Poker can also be played on MySpace and MyYahoo. The actual game is Texas Hold Em. In order to play Zynga Poker, players must have Adobe Flash. Players can acquire extra poker chips by accepting daily bonus chips sent by friends. The game also features contests like the Shoutout Grand Prize of the Week as well as a Weekly Tournament. In July of 2010 Facebook's Zynga Poker offered free chips and prizes during a "Summer Fun" hourly contest. Other prizes included items like a Zynga Poker t-shirt.

Facebook Poker Cheats
A common cheat used is the "ghost" cheat, whereby a player uses an alternate Facebook account to create a ghost player on his or her table. This way, the player has a higher chance of winning by playing as two or more players at the same time on the same table.

Several cheats and hacks have been developed to help players acquire poker chips more quickly than they are earned through normal gameplay. Be advised that these cheats are against the terms of service of each game, and using them puts your gaming account at risk. This page contains links to available cheats, but because the community and game developer monitor illicit activity, the cheats available may be limited and changed often.


Get Facebook Zynga poker (Texas Hold Em) Chip for Free
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