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Gears Of War 3

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You know, a franchise as big as Gears of War, we had a hell of a problem to export our preview session. In fact, we found the head of someone on an Xbox to play the home really matter. September, we wanted to avoid for themselves, because, well ... We can not stand Gears of War.

Gears of 3 war
Now you might be screaming with rage at the moment, but seriously, if there are two types of people in the world - to keep the gears and for those who prefer to gargle with Ebola - We are the second group. It seems that we are not alone. No one in our office seems, so maybe there is someone to play with a rest mass, perhaps we are missing a part of the soul, or maybe just not right, um, console gamers to the right. Regardless, we decided to duty. To this end, we look for Explorer Preview - some co-op and the first hours of the campaign - from the point of view Noob, gears, and consider why this might be the game that changes your mind.

Therefore, right?

Oh hell no.

Look, I know that Halo is not really a war and peace, but at least there is some emotional depth and pathos involved. Gears - 3 and Gears of War is no exception - it's all full of piss and competitions Beefcake combined plot (or what we jokingly referred to as plot, though), which was built only a slightly above average film by Michael Bay.

Gears of 3 war
Now remember that we are not experts in Gears backstory, but also remember that I do not really important.

The game begins with Marcus Fenix ​​has a dream about his deceased father, you're basically standard issue low-level training. Fault is that Marcus has to do after leaving his dying father, and now wants ... yawn. I do not care if Marcus were all very friendly, but always seemed a shallow shot at best (the man boobs huge battleships). And like I said, is the leader - the faceless characters end - look larger and more expensive compared to their partner. Marcus seems to be surrounded by the usual crew of vicious rednecks who give their lives for him, but I am baffled to understand why.

Gears of 3 war
Here we find the last vestiges of humanity, all floating along a naval convoy. Then finally we have the right game meat - to blow the crap out of things when it hides a lot of walls to reach the chest up.

One of the questions we have always been a cover-based shooters is that you can always tell how a certain level must be emptied. And 'to the very corners of the walls there, the crates (ah, boxes - you should not play' em), and explosive barrels. You could try to bring a sense of innovation tactics of the party, but then, chances are you will die. Instead, the ground is fire, forward, side, kill every time, and from time to time to kill the melee to break it. Gears up to 3 invites you to tips for multi-path game, with choices on how to divide the team things, and taking different routes to the destination, but those moments are gone in a flash and usually lead to the same spot within 30 seconds anyway.
Gears Of War 3

There is not a shred of intelligence, however, when it comes to playing the first time to play effectively, but this time from the perspective of the team that showed up at the end of the first part to save the day. This is an index, but less than one when it knows that after three hours of the explosion of blood and numbness machismo that still does not really advance the plot. All brackets were introduced in the first half hour is not even close to being answered or resolved, and that's what makes me thing Gears is not that the plot, but rather a sketch of a plot things and many are marked by chainsaws.

But hey, I could be wrong. Perhaps the greatest game of the perfection of fair play after watching the play ends code.
Gears Of War 3

The thing is, however, we know that we are more or less in the minority. In the console, this game is a mega-smash hit, one thing we thought the risk of sounding elitist, there's a reason why the first game was the only series to be released on PC. It is not a shooter on PC, and PC gamers in the first place, it's no surprise that we do not like its more withdrawn and pompous like that. At a time when the same id is the RPG elements in shooters (and more traditional identification of the person when it comes to an FPS), Gears refuses to be anything but simple, brutal, one-dimensional.

Who we complain? (Well, to debate, anyway ...)

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