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EVAC HD 2.0.0 CyberAndroid

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EVAC HD 2.0.0 CyberAndroid

Overview: The exclusive artefact discover is the artefact through. Break discover and verify revenge!
Run for your chronicle through flaming argonon mazes, chased by innumerous and ever-vigilant section forces.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Be fictive - endeavor stealthily to refrain encounters, educate traps for your enemies or meet rush as fast as you crapper correct in face of their eyes. Figure discover how to beat the system and destroy your captors in 32 action-packed levels. Steal from your Stygian adversary and yield his concern in ruins!
The exclusive artefact discover is the artefact through! Break discover and verify revenge!

* Unique mix of genres with arcade, action, stealth and puzzle gameplay elements.
* 32 meticulously fashioned levels, each with a assorted twist.
* Creative gameplay - think of your own ways how to beat the game.
* Online leaderboards - Your highscore crapper exclusive grow large every time you play.
* Signature soundtrack by kubatko ( www.kubatko.info)
* XPERIA PLAY Optimized

- Facebook Single Sign-On support
- Compete on your Facebook leaderboard
- Invite or challenge your Facebook friends
- Share your achievements on your Facebook wall

The HD edition is optimized for tablets and hi-end handsets (Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Droid, Desire, Incredible, myTouch 4G, G2, EVO, Nexus One, Nexus S, etc.). Try the lawful non-HD edition if you hit a lower-specs device.



EVAC HD 2.0.0 CyberAndroid
Posted by Intan Nurianti For : Infoduniaini , Updated at: Minggu, September 25, 2011
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Description: EVAC HD 2.0.0 CyberAndroid Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: 19 Review Item Reviewed: EVAC HD 2.0.0 CyberAndroid

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