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Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002)

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Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002)
Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002) 
Microsoft: Xbox | Developer: HighWayStar | 531.5 Mb
Genre: Action / Adventure

Drihootells the story of a futuristic miner (or you could say a drunkendwarf) that excavates the ruins of an ancient civilization looking fortreasures and other riches. You will have a variety of tools at yourdisposal including radars, probes, weapons etc. You also have theability to trade the object you find for better tools.
Game fully in Japanese, but simple enough to understand.


Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002)

Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002)

Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002)


The left analog stick moves the character.
The right stick, when clicked, initiates a first person look mode.
D-pad must be used for menu selections and moving through the towns (by highlighting different buildings on an overhead map).
Whenunderground, the R trigger activates the drill (with analogsensitivity), and the L trigger makes Dunk take a swill of Beev ifyou have any in your inventory.
The A button examines items, and the X button resets the camera behind the player.
Whenin a tomb, you can swing the hammer with the B and Y buttons (weak andhard attack, respectively). Both attacks can be charged by holding thebutton down.
The A and X buttons, along with the L trigger, retaintheir functions from the digging sections and the R trigger is now usedto block, and, when combined with a direction, roll around to avoidtraps and enemies.





Drihoo (NTSC-J/2002)
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