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Download Yumm 1.2.1 APK Android, Funny Android Games

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Yumm 1.2.1 apk androidLooking for so funny android game? Well, we have it. That’s Yumm android game which will allow you to play with it. Yumm is so funny android game which available for free download. The current version of this app is Yumm 1.2.1. You can download this app from android market or download Yumm 1.2.1 apk from the link in this website. However, let’s us to give more details about this funny game.

Yumm 1.2.1 for Android

Yumm android app is a fantastic time killer game where you play with a very charming creature on your android device. Then, you must be careful with this charming creature since it will bite off anything and everything you put in it’s mouth. This is so fun android game which you seem must install and play it. Stick your finger in and wait for the mouth to shut before removing it but remove you finger a moment earlier or later and you will lose it. Download


  • Amazing animation and sound effects

  • Realistic visual effects

  • Very addictive time killer

  • and tons of fun

Download Yumm 1.2.1 apk android

Finally, if you are interested to play Yumm 1.2.1 on your android phone or tablet, the apk file is available below. Download and install into your device.

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Download Yumm 1.2.1 APK Android, Funny Android Games
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