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Download NetQin Security & Anti-virus v5.0 APK Android is Available

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If you are looking for security apps for your android device, we suggest you to install NetQin Security & Anti-virus android app. This is one of the most popular free security app for android. You can get this app for free at android market, and the current version is 

NetQin Security & Anti-virus

This is so useful android app that will give more protection for your android device. NetQin Security & Anti-virus 5.0 android app features removing malware, spyware and viruses. Besides that this app also allows you to backup contact, locate your missing android device and optimize your device. Anyway, NetQin Security & Anti-virus 5.0 android is so useful app. It comes in two version, free and paid one. In this post, we just want to share the free one. Here are the main features of NetQin Security & Anti-virus:

NetQin Security Anti-virus 5.0 apk

Security Features

  • Protection from viruses, malware and spyware

  • Automatic Virus updates ensure you’re always protected from the latest threats

  • Safe browsing gives real-time protection while browsing the Internet

  • Safe messaging identifies malicious URLs in messages before you open them

  • Real-time scanning of apps during download

  • App safety ranking after installation

  • Provides automatic uninstall of malicious apps

Privacy Features

  • Monitor and control apps that access your private data without your permission

Optimization Features

  • One-touch device optimization

  • Real-time tracking of data usage

  • Set maximum data usage to prevent over usage charges

  • Increase efficiency by closing apps that run in the background without your knowledge

Back up

  • Back-up & restore contacts on multiple devices running on multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian.

  • Manage your back-up data online with a free account at NQ Space (i.netqin.com)

Anti-Lost Feature

  • locate your missing phone

  • Receive a text message to a designated number when phone’s SIM card is changed

Download NetQin Security & Anti-virus 5.0 APK Android

And finally, if you are interested to download NetQin Security & Anti-virus 5.0 APK android, it’s available on the link below. You also can download NetQin Security & Anti-virus v5.0 directly from your android market application.

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