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[Album] (2011.09.26) Joey Yung - Joey & Joey

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Joey Yung

Title: Joey & Joey
Artist: 容祖兒
Genre: Pop
Bitrate: VBR
Language: Cantonese
Release date: 2011-09-26
Publisher: EEG Emperor Entertainment Group (HK)

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Joey Yung doubles the stakes with her 2011 Cantonese album Joey & Joey. The Hong Kong diva's new plug "One Flower and a Thousand Trees" is a heartfelt ballad penned by Wyman Wong. Other new songs include the refreshing, uptempo number "Mayfly" co-produced by Jun Kung and the Mandarin song "Last Lover". Her upbeat hits "Surge" and "13 o'clock", previously released as CM songs for a major electronics chain store, are also on the album.  Special Edition of Joey & Joey comes in a special "Illusion Box" (1 of 2 randomly selected designs) with a DVD containing five music videos.

01. 蜉蝣
02. 13點 (百老匯廣告歌)
03. 戀人未滿
04. 澎湃 (百老匯廣告歌)
05. 花千樹
06. 垂涎
07. 馬賽克
08. 牆紙
09. 病孟 
10. 山口百惠
11. 最後情人 (國)


[Album] (2011.09.26) Joey Yung - Joey & Joey
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