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[Album] (2011.09.08) Vincy Chan - Happy Tears

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Vincy Chan

Title: 快樂眼淚
Artist: 泳兒
Genre: Pop
Bitrate: VBR
Language: Cantonese
Release date: 2011-09-08
Publisher: EEG Emperor Entertainment Group (HK)

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Vincy Chan continues to develop her creative talents in her latest Cantonese album. After producing a track in her previous original album, this time the popular EEG singer is responsible for writing the music and lyrics for the English-language song Move on in addition to producing it, while also serving as producer on the titular track "Happy Tears" (Track 4). Other main cuts on the 10-track album include the bitter ballad "Handy" (Track 2), the sweet pop tune "Love with Heart" (Track 1), "Singing Demo for You" (Track 6), and "Disappeared" (Track 5). The album comes with a bonus DVD containing 4 music videos.

01. 精心戀愛
02. 就手
03. 花與蝶
04. 快樂眼淚
05. 人間蒸發
06. 為你唱Demo
07. 最佳聽眾
08. 很久沒有約自己
09. 明天的事明天做
10. Move On


[Album] (2011.09.08) Vincy Chan - Happy Tears
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