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[Album] (2011.09.02) Christopher Wong - Changes

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Christopher Wong

Title: 變幻
Artist: 黃凱芹
Genre: Pop
Bitrate: VBR
Language: Cantonese
Release date: 2011-09-02
Publisher: Universal Music

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A year after his jazz-flavored album Difference, Christopher Wong is back with the middle installment of a trilogy of albums celebrating his forthcoming 25th anniversary of debut in 2012. The suave singer-songwriter is now at a stage where he can freely create music from his innermost feelings, and he expressed his joy taking on all vocals, music, lyrics, production, and arrangement duties for his latest album. Recorded and mixed in Canada, and pressed in the United States, Chris's Changes contains songs like "Every Changing Occasion" (Track 1), "499 Times of Brushing Shoulders" (Track 6), "Threads of Troubles" (Track 7), "OK to be Friends" (Track 8), "God's Children" (Track 9), and "Shanbo" (Track 10).

01. 每當變幻時
02. 好想回去看看你
03. 門面
04. 當你習慣害怕
05. 為所欲為
06. 499次擦肩而過
07. 煩惱絲
08. 做朋友還可以
09. 上帝的孩子
10. 山伯


[Album] (2011.09.02) Christopher Wong - Changes
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