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Download Ninja Rush 1.18 APK Android, So Attractive Ninja Game for Android

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Ninja Rush, you might have already installed this game. Recently, this game got update to Ninja Rush 1.18. You can download Ninja Rush 1.18 via Android market for free, beside we also share a link to download apk file which you can put it to your pc and transfer it into android device. Below is more details of 

Ninja Rush for Android

In Ninja Rush game for android, you role as a ninja who run to destroy all enemies in front of you. Anyway, Ninja Rush 1.18 android is so attractive android game. The gameplay is so easy and simple. However, there are much in demand. Rush to the end of this ninja world. Shuriken, Lurker, Samurai, Dash! This is the jungle of ninja master.

Ninja Rush 1.18 Android Features

Below are the features of Ninja Rush 1.18 for android, including the new changes in this version:

  • Try your best to jump over the cliff.

  • Double jump if you want jump higher

  • Click fire button to kill enemy samurai by shuriken

  • Speed up by slide forward and slow down by slide backward

  • Fly like a spider man with your ninja rope when you see the ceiling. Do not forget click to throw your rope at that time.

  • Achievement system.

  • Doodle style graphic.

  • (update) performance fix

  • (update) bug fix

Download Ninja Rush 1.18 apk android

So, are you interested to download Ninja Rush 1.18 to your android device? You can read more detail about this game, read the description at android market. The link is available below

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