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Download Duck Hunter 1.1.8 APK Android, Good Shooting Game

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There are many shoot game which available for your android device. If you are looking for the fun ones, you should try Duck Hunter android game. This is popular shooting game for android. Just to inform you that the game recently got update to Duck Hunter 1.1.8 which is now available for download at android market. Download Duck Hunter 1.1.8 apk is also available in this post.

Duck Hunter 1.1.8 Android Game

Duck Hunter talks about angry zombie ducks which were trying to escape from dark forest. Your job is shooting them by tapping on them which were flying. One escaped duck will cost you one life. Excellent shoot in a row will gain you high score, while hit rate > 98% will award you +1 life. Bullet can be manually reload or auto-reolad with 3 seconds delay. No recent changes in 

download duck hunter 1.1.8 apk android

duck hunter 1.1.8 apk android

Download Duck Hunter 1.1.8 apk Android

And finally, below are the link to download Duck Hunter 1.1.8 for your android device. If you want to download it directly to your device, we suggest you to download it via Android Market. While, if you wan to download it now and install it later, download Duck Hunter 1.1.8 apk to your PC.

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