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Download Adobe Reader 10.0.2 APK, Best Android PDF Viewer

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Adobe Reader for android is one of the most popular PDF viewer app for android. It’s available for free at android market. With this app, you are allowed to view your PDF documents which you save in your android device. The current version is Adobe Reader 10.0.2 which now supports for Honeycomb device. You can

Adobe Reader 10.0.2 apk android

Adobe Reader 10.0.2 Android Features

You might ask us what have made Adobe Reader e the most popular PDF reader for android, then the answer is since the app has many features. The features give you more experience for you in viewing your PDF documents. Here are the main features of Adobe Reader, including recent changes in Adobe Reader 10.0.2 android:

  • High quality & fast PDF viewing on Android device

  • View PDF Portfolios and Password-protected PDF files

  • Text reflow mode to adjust document content to fit screen size

  • Single Page or Continuous Scroll viewing mode

  • Touch-based gestures for efficient navigation and zoom in the PDF

  • Text search function to find and jump to specific text in the PDF file

  • Page navigator interface for fast navigation within large files

  • Hot-spots in the left and right parts of the screen to go to previous or next page

  • Bulit-in file manager provides quick access to all PDF files on the device organized by location as well as recently viewed files

  • Share function enables sending PDF files via other applications, including sending as email attachments with one touch

  • Supports App 2 SD

  • Supports some languages: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Turkish

  • (Update) Support for Honeycomb device

  • (update) Permissions to access email attachments from default email client or Gmail are removed. These permissions were previously added as a workaround due to an apparent change in Android v 2.3 & above.

  • (update) New menu item to access Adobe CreatePDF on Android Market

Download Adobe Reader 10.0.2 APK Android

Then, if you are interested to download Adobe Reader 10.0.2 APK, you can get for free. FOr faster download, we suggest you to download this app directly from your android device via Android Market. While, if you are interested to download apk file, it’s available below.

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